Disco party

Music - Lights - Lasers - Smoke - Bubbles

Disco – Are amazing for the kids that love dancing. Combined with all the provided gear. Lights, Lasers, Smoke, Bubbles. And one Kids Entertainer full of energy to run all the Dancing and Games. And maybe do some extras ! Like Balloon Twisting, Giant Bubbles, Juggling, Poi, Neon Face Painting. Hairspray etc.

All depending on what the kids are into and how many you’re expecting.

Current Castings – Andy, Pete, Stacey, Campbell.

Choose your favourite Characters – DJ Pandy Bear, Tomtom The Clown, Minion, Troll, Micky, Prince Charming. Something else ?

1.5 hours

  • PA
  • Music
  • 1 Floor Light
  • 1 LED Smoke Machine
  • 1 LED Bubble Machine
  • 1 main Light
  • 1 Jelly Light
  • 1 Black Light
  • 2 Lasers

2 hours

  • PA
  • Music
  • 1 Floor Light
  • 1 LED Smoke Machine
  • 1 LED Bubble Machine
  • 1 main Light
  • 1 Jelly Light
  • 1 Black Light
  • 2 Lasers


  • PA
  • Music
  • 1 Floor Light
  • 1 LED Smoke Machine
  • 1 LED Bubble Machine
  • 1 main Light
  • 1 Jelly Light
  • 1 Black Light
  • 2 Lasers


Bigger venue ? More than 30 kids? Add extra gear
  • LED Par Cans X4
  • Floor lights
  • Black lights
  • larger PA

What we need

  • Pack in and Set up is 30mins Minium. Before the running time.
  • Access for the Pack in. Easy, Intermediate. Or hard. (Stairs to go up, steep driveway etc) Let us know.
  • One power point. Two is best.
  • Space needed for Table with PA next to it.
  • Smoke Alarms removed then checked and placed back after the Disco.
  • Aimed at kids 2 – Tweens.

TOP TIPS – Please read before your Disco

TOP TIPS – Please read before your Disco.
– INSIDE ONLY Please. This is to avoid rain, sunburn, pets, worms, airoplanes. Lights can not compete with the sun! So, pull curtains etc..
– No kids, adults seated behind the entertainers Disco table.
– No Kids, Adults using any Disco gear. We get a lot of gear broken from kids holding buttons down. Poking the bubble machines. Etc. While the entertainer is busy looking elsewhere.
– All entertainers reserve the right to cancel a Disco for safety reasons. Example, Edge of a cliff. In front of another show. In the rain. Or even if you’ve booked another entertainer at the event. In which, the Disco and kids are normally moved elsewhere.
– Ideally one adult in the Disco room is great. As a witness to any kicking, punching from kids etc.
– No Adults talking while Disco Dancing, Games running. Watch them Dance, Laugh and Interact with the entertainer. Feel free to catch up in another room. You never know the 80’s play list might come on at some stage! Ha !
– Toys away, pets away, TV off. Etc.
– Rule of thumb. More Bubbles for the little ones, toddlers. Less smoke. And More Smoke for the older ones, 5 plus. Less bubbles.
– Please don’t be offended if the entertainer can’t eat cake. Most are also Actors, Dancers. And watch their diet carefully.
– If you have a random song or two, on a device, phone, computer etc. It is totally fine to plug into our PA’s and play that special song the kids are currently into.
– Payment before the entertainer starts. To avoid any walk offs. If they don’t entertain the kids. (They should be laughing, Interacting, Dancing ) Then, please ask for your money back!

What we DON’T do in our Discos

– No fire, sword swallowing or dangerous replication risk, for kids in our Discos.
– Picking up kids. Jumping over kids. Etc.
– No explicit language in our Disco Music. Easy with Spotify!

What we DO do

– Empowerment
– Interaction
– Fun !
– And High Fives


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  • All Discos cancelled within 7 days 50% Of the fee is required.
  • All Discos cancelled within 48hours 100% Of the fee is required.
  • Within the week before cancellation from, Sickness, death in family. Please email through full details and certificates.
  • Why? Not just because we need to eat and pay bills and balloons. But also because lots of others miss out. I can’t get hold of all the people I’ve turned down.
  • And so we can keep working hard on our Magic, juggling, balloons and comedy. Guess I could go back to riding whales.

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