Superhero Shows


SUPERHERO Parties with Buzzy As are a bit different. We have an Interactive Superhero Show, perfect for the Superhero crazy kids ! Run by Kids Comedian’s wearing stretchy pants. Ha.

Our Superhero entertainers get the kids moving, acting, and using their super powers!

Often the 1 hour Interactive Superhero Show, plus some extras. Games, Dancing, Balloon Twisting. Giant Bubbles, Juggling.

Watch your favourite superhero jump off the roof, climb the fence, do a silly flip, slide down a slide backwards.

Current Castings – Trey, Pete, Campbell, Stacey, Keeley, Andy

PRICING – SUPERHERO WORKS 1 HOUR Only $225 Or 1.5 hours Only $245

  • Superhero Interactive Show
  • Games
  • Dancing
  • Balloon Twisting (All depending on what the kids are into and how many kids your expecting)
  • Depending on the kids and entertainer. Add Juggling, Giant Bubbles. Or even Kids Comedy Magic.
  • If your birthday child loves balloons, ask about a pre made balloon! 

There are a few types of superhero party character, Spiderman, Batman etc. – Let us know what you

  • Not Naturalistic – The mask, helmet, can be removed easily. Good for 4 years and under. And if Balloon Twisting is booked. Face is shown. Like Superman. We are a bunch of Kids Comedians not a Scare Kids Company.
  • Naturalistic – Ideally for 1 hour to avoid over heating. Mask stays on. No Balloon Twisting. Ideally 5 years and over. And the best costume available.
  • Half and half – “Play it by ear” If the entertainer feels they need to remove mask once seeing shy, overwhelmed kids. This is normally done straight away. Until the shy ones are into it !
  • Note, kids should be way to busy laughing, and interacting with the
    entertainer to really notice if the Superhero looks exactly like them. (We
    try though)


We have heaps !

  • Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Ninja Turtle, Ninja, Flash.
  • Supergirl, Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Spidergirl.
  • Maybe more, yeah more.


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