Mopper the Magician

Comedy Magic Show performed by Mopper the Magician

MOPPER THE MAGICIAN Also known as MOPPER THE AMAZING, WHOPPER, POPPER, MAGICIAN. His Shows are based in Kids Comedy Magic. And packed as full as possible with quick funny tricks. And at least one child gets to be the Magicians Assistant. No Rubber Chicken or Juggling in this one. But you might find yourself saying all the silly magic words and doing the actions.

Current Casting – Andy Nicholson

Aimed at kids 3 – 9 years old

  • Show running time 30 mins
  • Can include some pre made Balloons and one Special Fancy Balloon for the birthday child
  • Set up is instant
  • Space needed 2m X 2m

30 minutes

  • Comedy magic show - 30 minutes

1 Hour

  • Comedy magic show
  • Balloon twisting

1.5 Hours

  • Comedy magic show
  • Balloon twisting

TOP TIPS – Please read before your event

– INSIDE ONLY Please. This is to avoid rain, sunburn, pets, worms, airoplanes , bouncy castles.
– No kids, adults seated behind the entertainers show, etc. All of which, upstage and distract from the show time.
– All entertainers reserve the right to cancel a show for safety reasons. Example, Edge of a cliff. In front of another show. Or even another entertainer. In which, the show and kids are normally moved elsewhere.
– At least one adult in the Show room is needed. As a witness to any kicking, punching from kids etc.
– No Adults talking while shows is running. Watch them laugh and interact with the entertainer. Or catch up in another room.
– Toys away, pets away, TV off. Etc.
– Please don’t be affended if the entertainer can’t eat cake etc. Most are also actors, dancers. And watch their diet carefully.
– Payment before the entertainer starts. To avoid any walk offs. If they don’t entertain the kids (They should be laughing, interacting) Then, please ask for your money back!

What we DON’T do in our shows

– No fire, sword swallowing or dangerous replication risk, for kids in our shows.
– Picking up kids. Jumping over kids. Etc.
– No innuendos or explicit language in our kids shows.

What we DO do

– Empowerment
– Interaction
– Funny
– And High Fives


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All shows cancelled within 7 days 50% Of the fee is required.
All shows cancelled within 48hours 100% Of the fee is required.
Within the week before cancellation from, Sickness, death in family. Please email through full details and certificates.
Why? Not just because we need to eat and pay bills and balloons. But also because lots of others miss out. And so we can keep working hard on our Magic, juggling, balloons and comedy. Guess I could go back to riding whales.

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