Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting

BALLOON TWISTING Is the best addition to any party theme, or Show. And the jokes keep going while the Kids Comedian twists all the crazy designs.

If you have lots of kids a bunch of pre made balloons can be done. Or fancy one for the Birthday child.

A lot of Balloon Twisters are not Kids Comedians. They might tell a few jokes. Or none.

A few more cool things to know:

All of our Balloons are 100% Biodegradable we collect the scraps, use them and compost some as well.

Balloons are not, synthetic car tires, gumboots, OR plastic. Our Balloons are not made from chemicals. Watch the following short video:

Note: We also do not do any Helium filled, Balloon Releasing out doors. No helium filled balloons to kids out doors. Simply because, some times kids just let them go. Even if tied to the child’s arm. They fly away and land all over the place. No no no, the kids don’t fly away! Unless you tie a few thousand balloons to the child. Or they’re a Fairy. ha! 

Price: $150- Per Hour

Three balloon artist levels:

  • Basic – 30 designs. Swords, dogs etc.
  • Intermediate – 60 plus designs.
  • Advanced – The Artist can make anything. And should have a CBA certificate. (Cerified Balloon Artist)

If you book a Classic Package with a show. We should be able to do one fancy Pre made balloon

For example – Superheroes, Princesses, Monster Trucks, a big Minion etc. Challenge us!

Please note, pre-made balloons that take 45mins to an hour need to be on the normal rate – $150- per hour.

Decor – Balloon Arches, columns, table centers for events. 

Great for making your event look fantastic!


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  • All Discos cancelled within 7 days 50% Of the fee is required.
  • All Discos cancelled within 48hours 100% Of the fee is required.
  • Within the week before cancellation from, Sickness, death in family. Please email through full details and certificates.
  • Why? Not just because we need to eat and pay bills and balloons. But also because lots of others miss out. I can’t get hold of all the people I’ve turned down.
  • And so we can keep working hard on our Magic, juggling, balloons and comedy. Guess I could go back to riding whales.

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