Top tips to have a successful party

TOP TIPS – Please read before your event.

  • INSIDE ONLY Please. This is to avoid rain, sunburn, pets, worms, airoplanes , bouncey castles, no kids, adults seated behind the entertainers show, etc. All of which, upstage and distract from the show time.
  • All entertainers reserve the right to cancel a show for safety reasons. Example, Edge of a cliff. In front of another show. Or even another entertainer. In which, the show and kids are normally moved elsewhere.
  • At least one adult in the Show room is needed. As a witness to any kicking, punching from kids etc.
  • No Adults talking while shows is running. Watch them laugh and interact with the entertainer. Or catch up in another room.
  • Toys away, pets away, TV off. Etc.
  • Please don’t be affended if the entertainer can’t eat cake etc. Most are also actors, dancers. And watch their diet carefully.